Let his art speak for the man itself

My name is Alf Sukatmo.
I currently living in Tangerang, west from Indonesia‘s capital town Jakarta. I am an illustrator

I grew up in Surabaya and left the city after graduated from journalism faculty. I studied art directly from my father, and autodidact study visual design, and graphic design.

Here is some of my personal work.

A Dance for Tomorrow DA the tears tonight 1500 0357

Delirium-scan rez smirnoff Walking Home

In her mind Vanish drain copy

to kill a mocking bird Basic RGB


The Touch by Alfa Sukatmo

help me

Email: be.illustrated@gmail.com

Creative Commons License
This work by Alf Sukatmo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

115 thoughts on “Let his art speak for the man itself

  1. I been having techno issues with my blog
    That being said
    I never seen this page before
    I love these color ones
    Just beautiful
    As always Sheldon

  2. Love your children book illustration…looking forward to seeing more. BTW I couldn’t find a way to comment on the post with the illustration…maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

  3. Makasih banyak atas like dan follow nya ^^
    Art nya keren-keren! Sejauh yang udah aku liat, aku paling suka yang di Please Do Come In. Dan puisi-puisi nya juga keren! Aku pengen nge-like yang A Wolf And A Deer cuma jaringan internet nya lagi ngaco karena hujan jadi tombol like nya ilang terus walaupun udah di reload berulang kali 😦 jadi next time mudah-mudahan bisa muncul tombol like nya hehehe

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