Our Story

With fascination i watched her
For me, it was a sense of intimate flirtation without being exist
I never thought that we ever be connected anyway
Then at one night
We fell for each other
Did i love her or did she?
At first, no
We fell into our mutual need
Mutual desperation
Only to satisfied our longing

We both loved our darkness
I sat there on the big chair
Quietly watched her danced
No, not dance, floated
The air that surrounded us suddenly became thin
I choked
She stopped, hesitated
She knew i was watching
But could never saw me
She stood silently for a moment

She walked toward the chair, i sensed the heat
She felt the same
She had sweated through her dress
Believe me, i tried to warned her
I knew she suffocated
I did too
Her body shocked with terror
But never retreated
She touched my face
“It is you,” she said

Our hands reached out on empty air
Caressed on nothing
Two substances from different world
Weren’t supposed to be together
I hugged the emptiness of her
Though the intense heat burning our bodies
I hugged her still
Painful as always
It was pain that led to our non existence
We were just ghost to each other

“My dear, don’t you worry
At nightfall
Our story will repeat again”

I heard her faint whispered
As i slowly faded

22nd July 2015

A Voyage of Lunacy

      Let me take you to a journey
      A voyage of lunacy
      You and me
      You as me
      Me as you
      Madly falling into each other
      And embracing hate
      At the same time
      At the exact moment
      Leaving the world behind
      No past or unknown future
      And everything will be alright
      Stay awake
      Dream will not dare to stab us
I kiss her pale blue lips gently
Her eyes wide open, her skin wither
People enter our bedroom, barging in the barricading door, some come through after smashing the windows. The men dragging me outside the room as i see the other covering her with a white blanket.
I fight, with a blade that i hid on my waist.
Too many of them..
Too many..
Something hit my head, hard
I see it now
Same red that seeping the white blanket
Oozes of red that turn to black

I am falling into

21st July 2015


Quiet moment

“Quiet moment” by Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

Akan kutukar kenangan tentangmu
Dengan sebungkus kesunyian
Biar kudengar hening
Agar kudengar cinta jatuh
dan berlabuh

Tangerang Selatan.
19/06/2014 – 03.00

I will trade the memories about us
With a moment of solitude
So i can hear the silent
Where loves fall
And stay

Kisah Sebotol Heineken

Kau dan aku
Tidur di atas selimut
Berpelukan telanjang
tanpa kasur
tanpa ranjang
Dalam kamar yang dingin
Dalam diam
Seperti tersiksa kebisuan
Kau pecahkan dengan bisikmu
     Aku ingin dua atau tiga anak untuk melengkapi kita
     Biar cinta juga yang menghangatkan kita
     Kamar ini makin dingin
     Karena kita tak mampu beli kaca jendela
     Hanya menggantinya dengan kassa
     Agar nyamuk-nyamuk tak seliar kita bercinta

Ya. Aku ingat

Ahhh, mungkin sebotol Heineken akan cukup
bisa membuatku lupa
Tentang aku dan kamu dan sejarah yang getir
satu pak rokok akan bisa menggambarkan lagi
tentang asa dan janji dalam imaji gumpalan asapnya
Atau bahkan
mungkin akan sirna karena asap tetaplah asap
Seperti aku dan kamu
Tidur bersama dalam satu selimut
Terpisah jeda bukan lagi satu
dalam kamar mewah
dengan jendela berkaca