Dear D

"Dear D" Watercolor on paper.  Alf Sukatmo. 2016

“Dear D”
Watercolor on paper.
Alf Sukatmo. 2016.

A quick paint, using black color only. Started with the black paint mix with a lot of water as a thin layer, then applied the second, third and more layers after the previous layers has dry completely.

Mustika Naga: The Painting

This is it, the painting of Mustika Naga (Dragon’s Magic Stone).

"Mustika Naga" Watercolor on paper ©Alf Sukatmo 2015

“Mustika Naga: The Painting”
Watercolor on paper
©Alf Sukatmo 2015

“Jika Rindu itu abadi,
Maka Cinta terlahir kembali, Sayangku.
Berjanjilah, tidak lagi terlambat.
Jika kita terlahir kembali, cepat-cepat menujuku.
Pun aku akan memburumu.
Tak butuh waktu lebih lama dari seketika
Untuk saling mengenal lagi di antara kita berdua.
Sebab, sama kita membawa Rindu ke mana-mana.”

“Mustika Naga – Candra Malik”

I mentioned about Candra Malik’s Mustika Naga the novel earlier. The book was officially release yesterday, and available on major book store in Indonesia.
Read about the synopsis here


Book cover preview: Candra Malik’s Mustika Naga (Dragon’s Magic Stone)

My painting will be publish as Candra Malik‘s book cover. According to the KPG‘s website, it will officially publish on July 6, 2015.

Candra Malik known famously in Indonesia as a poet, sufi, journalist and essayist. He have a broad knowledge about Islamic literature and philosophy and it was fun working with him. Well, i said enough, please do search about him, he is all over the net.

I got wait until the book on the public, so i can’t show you the artwork now. Let’s wait until Monday. The painting will be post here on Be Illustrated’s blogs, and Deviant Art (of course, who doesn’t?)

See you on Monday, friends. Got to create something now. I have got to prepare a lot of paintings, for next years exhibition (if it won’t miss, i have tendency to ruin everything. eh)

Lonely Red And The Leftover Paint On My Palette

"Lonely red and the left over paint on my palette" Pencil and a left over watercolor on paper. ©Alf Sukatmo 2015

“Lonely red and the left over paint on my palette”
Pencil and a left over watercolor on paper.
©Alf Sukatmo 2015

A quick draw, for refreshing my mind while working on a tight schedule.
Frankly, this drawing doesn’t have a meaning, so does the title, plain and simple, no symbolism, no poetry, no hidden message.

So i hope you enjoy this. It’s a simple drawing from a simple me.
Got to get back on my work, three commissions with a same deadline this afternoon.
I’ll see you soon, friends.