Solitary Friday: Black Sabbath “TYR”

Black Sabbath was a legend in heavy metal music history, their performances on stage was radical and controversial, and barbaric (or did it because Ozzy?). But let’s striping off all of that, shall we? As a band, they created many great song, covered by great artists and bands, so it is really hard to pick top five on my black sabbath’s playlist. I decide to pick my favorite album of them, “TYR”. This album represents possibly the most dramatic departure from Black Sabbath’s traditional sound, with only traces of it found in the occasional riff.
Top five songs that i played often.
From my playlist, here are Black Sabbath the “TYR” album.

Heaven in Black

Anno Mundi (The Vision)

Feels Good To Me


Odin’s Court

Solitary Friday: Anthrax

It’s hard to pick the best of them when they always presented their best for the audiences.
At least, this is my top five of the most play (in my house).

Only (Sound of White Noise 1993)

Packaged Rebellion (Sound of White Noise 1993)

Antisocial (State of Euphoria 1988)

Death From Above (Fistful of Metal 1984)

Any Place But Here (We’ve Come For You All 2003)