Our Story

With fascination i watched her
For me, it was a sense of intimate flirtation without being exist
I never thought that we ever be connected anyway
Then at one night
We fell for each other
Did i love her or did she?
At first, no
We fell into our mutual need
Mutual desperation
Only to satisfied our longing

We both loved our darkness
I sat there on the big chair
Quietly watched her danced
No, not dance, floated
The air that surrounded us suddenly became thin
I choked
She stopped, hesitated
She knew i was watching
But could never saw me
She stood silently for a moment

She walked toward the chair, i sensed the heat
She felt the same
She had sweated through her dress
Believe me, i tried to warned her
I knew she suffocated
I did too
Her body shocked with terror
But never retreated
She touched my face
“It is you,” she said

Our hands reached out on empty air
Caressed on nothing
Two substances from different world
Weren’t supposed to be together
I hugged the emptiness of her
Though the intense heat burning our bodies
I hugged her still
Painful as always
It was pain that led to our non existence
We were just ghost to each other

“My dear, don’t you worry
At nightfall
Our story will repeat again”

I heard her faint whispered
As i slowly faded

22nd July 2015