How Far Is Your Imagination?

"How far is your imagination" by Alf Sukatmo. Vector Artwork.

“How far is your imagination” by Alf Sukatmo. Vector Artwork.

She wanted to have a goldfish
In a pond with a lotus
And she named her fish “Sri”
I said
So let’s us see how far is your imagination, Dee
And so she drew a fish
A pond and a lotus
Strong her will
With her mind so free
Like my daughter should be

I promised Dee that i going to get up yesterday, and i kept it. Although i couldn’t do much activity, i managed to finished this for her last night.
As you see, that this image has changed from the previous version, i have fully replaced the man on the right corner with a goldfish.

Ke Tengah, Ke Timur, Kemanapun kami mau..

Babat, Lamongan. East Java, 2012

Kami akan pergi kemanapun kami mau
Ke Tengah pulau Jawa
Mengunjungi Sindoro, atau Sumbing
Ke Timur
Menyapa lagi pinus-pinus Lawu
Untuk bertemu lagi Dumilah yang cantik
Atau ke Tanjakan Cinta
Punya Semeru

Tapi tidak ke Surabaya


We will travel to wherever we want to go
To the middle Java
To visit Sindoro and Sumbing
To the east
To walk between the pines of Lawu, again
A long way to visit the beautiful Dumilah
Or we will go to the lover’s ramp
Which belong to Semeru

But we won’t go to Surabaya

Sindoro, Sumbing, Lawu, Semeru are names of the mountains in Java
Dumilah is a short name of Hargo Dumilah, Mount Lawu’s summit
Tanjakan cinta/Lover’s Ramp (there’s never been an exact translation in English for this) is an a name of 45º slope area after Ranu Kumbolo and before Oro-oro Ombo in Mount Semeru.