Coltrane Loves Me

Personal Artist, Laurie Bostian

I’m having a love affair. With more than one man. There are three in particular who take turns waking me in the morning, putting me to sleep at night, and even serenading me while I paint.
Who are they?
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Bill Evans

These three men thrill me. There’s something about that rhythm. Something about the feeling!


They inspire me to paint. This recent acrylic of John Coltrane was, of course, painted while I listened to his music.

The music of Miles is beyond cool, but Bill Evans might be my favorite. (And I haven’t painted him… yet!) An impressionist. A deep-feeling individual. He had to be. One of my favorite pieces of music – ever – is “Blue in Green.” A man once told me that if I were a piece of music, I would be that one.
How lovely.

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