Some photograph capturing the greatest moments and facts, some capturing peoples and beauties, some capturing the emotions.
But above all, they frozen the time in our life inside a frame, eternal memories and love to remember.

This photograph have touch my heart deeply. Done by a wonderful photographer, Christine Renney.

Oh, and please give the credit to Christine Renney. I don’t deserve anything.

Spartan Eye

Sign of the Times-0345 Image by Christine Renney

Fred, 97, and Annie, not 97, dancing across the years.

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Thinking of you

Thinking of you

“Thinking of you” by Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper

If i ever get old
Will i still be thinking of you
Will i still recall the day i spent with you
Will i still remember your face
Oh Dear,
We both know the fate we can’t escape


With the permission to using image as reference from SMONTS | montserrat sobral dorado.
Here is the link to the original photo: