Tentang Laki-laki Yang Menguap Ke Udara

Tentang Laki-laki Yang Menguap Ke Udara

Di suatu tempat tertulis puisi;
      tentang seorang laki-laki yang ingin menguap menjadi udara
      bukan pada lembar halaman yang biasa kau baca
      atau pada foto-foto dengan senyum mengembang
      juga bukan pada kegetiran sesaat ketika ia bernostalgia

         Hilang dan kematian tidak pernah perlu alasan
         atau penjelasan
         Begitupun ia

            Hanya ingin dilupakan saja

Anggara kasih, Desember 2017

The Pirate’s Daughter

"Paper Boat" by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork.

“The Paper Boats” by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork.

Dee asked me to teach her how to made the boats and a pirate hat from unused brochures and a piece of old newspaper.
“Well sure, why not,” i said.
“Can we play it together?” she asked.
I had a deadline coming up, but she had no one to play with except me, and i didn’t want to disappoint her.
So, i decided to made her several boats and a hat, but she refused, all that she asked was i taught her how to make them. It sure going to take a little longer time, but again, she had her way to melt a father heart (and made her father ignoring upcoming deadline.)
After all that was finish, we played the pirate, i am the pirate and she still held her role, as pirate’s daughter. And guess what, even a quiet man can do sword dance if his little daughter requested him.

A simple request from a daughter and a simple moment on a simple day of a father have delivered, i still had enough time to meet the deadline and even made this picture. I watch her as she sleeps,  a smile, a beautiful smile on her lips complete my perfect evening.

09/08/2014 – 02.53