“Dirty” by Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

I want to draw you
Not drawing your breathless photograph
Be naughty
Because i am sick being good
Let’s get dirty
Smearing graphite all over the paper
And i am all over your body
For one night
One dream
Before i wake up as the sun come in

Pitung Larik

"Drown in you" by Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

“Drown in you” by Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

Wangi wangine mlati
Reroncening kembang kenanga
Karo sopo tresna kekunci
Rasane kaya kelem ing segara
Gerah manah cupeting ati
Krasa urip anggawa mawa
Eh wong ayu amung sliramu tomboku


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How Far Is Your Imagination?

"How far is your imagination" by Alf Sukatmo. Vector Artwork.

“How far is your imagination” by Alf Sukatmo. Vector Artwork.

She wanted to have a goldfish
In a pond with a lotus
And she named her fish “Sri”
I said
So let’s us see how far is your imagination, Dee
And so she drew a fish
A pond and a lotus
Strong her will
With her mind so free
Like my daughter should be

I promised Dee that i going to get up yesterday, and i kept it. Although i couldn’t do much activity, i managed to finished this for her last night.
As you see, that this image has changed from the previous version, i have fully replaced the man on the right corner with a goldfish.

(UPDATE) WIP: How far is your imagination


How far is your imagination 2

Second update:

I decided to overlapped the left part with a little girl  tried painting (the brush haven’t done yet) half of the picture with white (i need white as background because i want to make soft light gradient layer to create a child like, soft, but whimsical as a child’s imagination. At the left part, i intended to put her imagination, so her imaginations and the storyteller’s can collaborate.

As usual, i listen a lot of song from Incognito this night and here the most interesting song i heard was:


How far is your imagination

WIP: How far is your imagination.

Well, this is what i have been doing for a few days, it’s my personal project. It supposed to be a big secret…, but well, i already told someone (oh, and believe me, she is so special, that i willingly share every thought and idea inside my head)

During this project i was listening TOTO, over and over. Their songs inspired me a lot, because i need bravery, patience, the tenderness, and all the time in this world. I need all of that in my book.


And this is what i was listening a few hours ago.

I will continuously update the work in progress. So, bear with me..

The Pirate’s Daughter

"Paper Boat" by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork.

“The Paper Boats” by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork.

Dee asked me to teach her how to made the boats and a pirate hat from unused brochures and a piece of old newspaper.
“Well sure, why not,” i said.
“Can we play it together?” she asked.
I had a deadline coming up, but she had no one to play with except me, and i didn’t want to disappoint her.
So, i decided to made her several boats and a hat, but she refused, all that she asked was i taught her how to make them. It sure going to take a little longer time, but again, she had her way to melt a father heart (and made her father ignoring upcoming deadline.)
After all that was finish, we played the pirate, i am the pirate and she still held her role, as pirate’s daughter. And guess what, even a quiet man can do sword dance if his little daughter requested him.

A simple request from a daughter and a simple moment on a simple day of a father have delivered, i still had enough time to meet the deadline and even made this picture. I watch her as she sleeps,  a smile, a beautiful smile on her lips complete my perfect evening.

09/08/2014 – 02.53