Obscure Tale From The Sea

"Obscure Tale From The Sea" Charcoal on paper ©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

“Obscure Tale From The Sea”
Charcoal on paper
©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

The boy wondered, why he was so afraid of the sea.
Did dark, mysterious creature dwell down there,
or untold tale about unfortunated fate hidden deep below?
Did he belong there?

He dream
About a man who drowned
About a woman who waited
Thought he betrayed her
But the news about his ill fate never came
She waited alone at the beach

She still waited

5 thoughts on “Obscure Tale From The Sea

  1. Your ART is very deep and intuitive and it touches me strongly. You suck ideas around you like a sponge and give them new perspective with beautiful and painful way. Somehow your works are genius, but they requires to stop and think the deep meaning of them. I get the stories from your works, but so far I haven’t understand the Cetus and it’s symbol. I think you are the ‘Shakerspeare’ of the modern world, you also touch with pain, beauty and passion, like he did.

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