Histórica: Paranoia (The Complete Drawing)


"Histórica: Paranoia" Pencil, charcoal on paper ©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

“Histórica: Paranoia”
The complete drawing
Pencil, charcoal on paper

©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

I fear that hatred will tear all that we used to loved to nothing more than a ruin

20 thoughts on “Histórica: Paranoia (The Complete Drawing)

  1. This is a lovely piece of work, full of feeling and emotion, what a great outcome thanks for sharing!

    • I am agree with that. But, somehow that fear grow stronger. The politicians use the religion issue for their own benefit. Hatred spread.
      I fear that condition might geting worse.

      • I know what you mean. The politicians spread fear and hatred for their own benefit. There is good in the word , we just need to keep reminding people of it. Today i went for a walk and found some writing in the concrete path. Someone had written “You’re beautiful “, that made me happy to see it.

        • I think you’ve got a point. You are right, i am just a little bit a pessimistic with the social and political conditions here.

          • unfortunately, it is like that not only there(assuming you talk about Indonesia) but social and political (and economic) conditions are crap almost everywhere in this planet.
            your artwork is powerful and putting it all together, made a very strong conceptual piece

          • I am aware about that too. My work was intentionally represent my fear about what will happend in Indonesia if the politicians and public figures keep pushing this religion dan diversity issues as political campaign.
            In my thought, call me paranoid, this are a grand social political scheme spreading across other nations too, not only in Indonesia

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