Histórica: Paranoia 1

"Histórica: Paranoia" Pencil, charcoal on paper ©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

“Histórica: Paranoia”
Pencil, charcoal on tone paper
©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

My drawing explain itself, using a clear and obvious symbols, no need of poetry or explanation this time.

It’s not actual tone paper, it’s 220 gsm watercolor paper, that i put in direct sunlight after i soaked with water and pressed it with thick flat glass. I made 4 of those papers for the histórica series.

7 thoughts on “Histórica: Paranoia 1

    • Thanks, Darren. I am trying to digging deep with what was happening in my past and bring it back as a reflection. I make it short and it will come to four series of drawing.

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