Twenty Faces Under Twenty Minutes 6

"20 Faces - 6" Charcoal on paper ©Alf Sukatmo 2016

“20 Faces – 6”
Charcoal on paper
©Alf Sukatmo 2016

6th face.
Using dark charcoal to create chiaroscuro effect. He have bright smile, high cheek bone, very familiar face. I had made a lot of adjustment for the forehead and jaw line from the initial sketch so it would not look like me. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Twenty Faces Under Twenty Minutes 6

    • Thanks Leonie, and yes he is something, he have a beautiful mind and soul like the four faces before.
      We talked a lot about life and purpose.
      Actually the 20 faces are the closest friends that save me when i was in my lowest level of trusting people and confident. This small gift is nothing compare to knowlodge and friendship thay they had share with me.

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