Twenty Faces Under Twenty Minutes I

"20 Faces - 1" Charcoal on paper ©Alf Sukatmo 2016

“20 Faces – 1”
Charcoal on paper
©Alf Sukatmo 2016

Have you try to draw a face straight from your memory, with no photo reference nor a subject being there in front of you?

Yes, we, as an artist have done that.
But the real question is, how often?
I rarely did that.

Though i found some satisfaction drawing freely to described the objet as i wanted it to be. It was actually test my ability to remember them.
Started a few days a go, i begun to draw twenty faces of peoples i have known, who changed my life, my perception, and my thought greatly. Every faces i drew under twenty minutes, so it was a quick skecth which i’ve done mostly with charcoal.
This one was my first attempt after almost a year, and.. fail, i think i lost it.

7 thoughts on “Twenty Faces Under Twenty Minutes I

    • Yeah, you are right. I was not fail in my process of drawing. I think my memories failed me, i remember the whole face, the gesture but forget about it’s detail.

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