A Digitally Paint Cockatoo

"A Digital Paint Cockatoo" Sketch, and Adobe Photoshop ©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

“A Digital Paint Cockatoo”
Sketch, and paint it with Adobe Photoshop
©Alf Sukatmo. 2016

The reason why i colorized it digitally, because i have not finish the original sketch yet. But my daughter wanted to see it in color.
So, there it goes.

The original sketch can be found in here


14 thoughts on “A Digitally Paint Cockatoo

  1. Hi Alf I like both versions. I often use a scanned image to test colour or design ideas before I make the changes to the original. I hope your daughter liked this drawing.

    • Hi Leonie. Usually i am a spontaneous person, but this was a very special request for my lovely little girl. We had it print, and this morning, she put it on her bedroom wall, and keep saying “wow”.
      So yeah, she liked it a lot. 🙂

  2. Pretty nice.
    Tapi kesannya terburu-buru ya, di deadline sama Diwa ya? 😀

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