"Untitled 127th" Pen on paper. 13/06/2015 ©Alf Sukatmo, 2015

“Untitled 127th”
Pen on paper. 13/06/2015
©Alf Sukatmo, 2015

Then suddenly
The image of you came
Along with the question
About how long since the last time i kissed a woman lips
Somebody have asked

Arunia, my dear Arunia
Did they know that their words were like a bullet pierced my bare heart
I crave in madness for you
I dwell in sadness

10 thoughts on “127

  1. Alf, I don’t ever tell you enough just how much I adore your art. Truly, you are a master craftsman. I can learn a thing or two from you. 🙂

    • Tony, you are the master yourself. I adore your arts, comics, and your poems. I visit crumblecult from time to time. You never cease to amaze me.

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