A Voyage of Lunacy

      Let me take you to a journey
      A voyage of lunacy
      You and me
      You as me
      Me as you
      Madly falling into each other
      And embracing hate
      At the same time
      At the exact moment
      Leaving the world behind
      No past or unknown future
      And everything will be alright
      Stay awake
      Dream will not dare to stab us
I kiss her pale blue lips gently
Her eyes wide open, her skin wither
People enter our bedroom, barging in the barricading door, some come through after smashing the windows. The men dragging me outside the room as i see the other covering her with a white blanket.
I fight, with a blade that i hid on my waist.
Too many of them..
Too many..
Something hit my head, hard
I see it now
Same red that seeping the white blanket
Oozes of red that turn to black

I am falling into

21st July 2015

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