A Face On A Wasted Paper

"A Face On Wasted Paper" Alf Sukatmo. 2015. Pencil on paper.

“A Face On Wasted Paper”
Alf Sukatmo. 2015.
Pencil on paper.

Found an empty paper on a trash can while waited for my client this afternoon, it got stain and a little bit dirty, but still draw-able.
So, yes. I used it to draw, what’s else.
That’s what i do.
For me, no matter how dirty it was, a piece of paper is really precious thing, and i can make it more precious put my drawing on it, i have to respect the tools and media which i am working with, right?
I don’t need to use an expensive tools to work with (well, yes expensive tools are nice) i used to work with anything i have or found, and i can do that again. It really gave me a pleasant feeling, waiting was never boring for me.

That’s what i did this afternoon. What have you did?

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