No title yet (Drawing in progress)

Update on 22 April 2015 – 7.53 PM

Progress 2 and details

Progress 2 and details

Progress goes really slow.

On 22 April 2015 – 4.31 AM i wrote

Progress 1

Progress 1

Then it just stopped. Suddenly.
My mind refused to think, my imagination drained, my hand refused to draw.
Actually i want to post the artwork tomorrow, but i am not sure it will finish.

12 thoughts on “No title yet (Drawing in progress)

  1. I like the notion of the breaking up of the image and use it myself. This looks good so far perhaps the strands could morph into something else below the face and then back to the far cheek.

  2. It’s great to see the development of a masterwork. Thank you for that, Alf.

  3. Beautiful purposeful work Alf – you manage the medium very well. Can’t wait for the final drawing.

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