"Insensitive" Alf Sukatmo. 2015 Charcoal and pencil on paper.

Alf Sukatmo. 2015
Charcoal and pencil on paper.

Hollow eyes
Sealed lips sewing shut
Cold face
Dead skin
Like a wooden statue

It’s just a quick small size drawing, nothing fancy about it.
Using live model reference, like my two previous drawings

15 thoughts on “Insensitive

  1. I feel this picture is telling about honesty and about intentional blindness for the truth, am I right ? I like how young people do sincere art directly from the view or from the heart. Sometimes intentional blindness is forgiveness without apology, because of larger view of important issues. It’s difficult to explain .. good work Alf, I really love it. I have also done one mask picture many years ago, but I throw it away and now I regret it. For us women it’s more difficult to express negative feelings in Art. We often show only beauty or kindness.

        • This was made as a symbol for people who lost their conscience, eyes wide shut, blind to see the degradating social condition that happend around them. Lips sewing tight as symbol for silence, not to speak for the truth.
          And the mask, stand for what a mask supposed to be. To hide their face from reality. To be a hypocrite.

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