Solitary friday: Playlist

Top five of my playlist for the last two weeks.

Bloodrock – ‘A Certain Kind’ circa 1971

Joe Satriani – Cryin’

Alter Bridge – In Loving Memory

Sevendust – Prayer

Painful By Kisses – A Letter From Someone

10 thoughts on “Solitary friday: Playlist

  1. LOVED the sax in the first one, Bloodrock. Satriani was a little too electric for me, but a good dance tune (like slow dance.) The third one was definitely not a slow song, which was where my mind was with the first two (but my son would have loved this one.) A big “no” on Sevendust. And the last was interesting, but too … much.

    I appreciate that you’re sending this music. I like hearing new stuff, and have Pandora on. We have IHeart Radio, which I’ve yet to download, but since I just bought a iPad Air, I’m about to. Happy Valentines Day to you and your family. Can I ask you how old you are? Patsye p.s. The colorful painting on the preceding post (the large one with your niece in it,) did you do that?

    • Thank you, Patsye.
      I used to listen the classic rock of the 70’s when my father played them on tape. My father is a painter. Still an active in his sixtyfive.
      The gigantic painting (the one with my daughter, not my niece, in front of it) is one from so many of his masterpieces, there is three gigantic series actually, but our guest room only fit for one painting.

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