Jika tidak diakhiri
Tidak akan ada awal baru, bukan?

         Walaupun tetap saja
         Malam terlalu dingin
         Ada yang kurindu

Tgr, 31 Desember 2014

Happy New Year 2015, my dear friends. It’s great to know all of you.
Thank you for sharing your passion with me.

8 thoughts on “Epilog

  1. While I am normally an optimistic person anyhow, I have a strange feeling that this is going to be a really good year for the world; like something wonderful is going to happen…something scientific that will be of benefit to billions. Then again I had that feeling last New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t pan out. One can hope! Stay healthy and happy Alf and I look forward to seeing more of your art and poetry. Patsye

    • I am glad to hear that from you, Patsye. I wish something wonderful will happen for the world, and for all my friend too. I feel that too, wishing and praying for that. It will happen eventually.
      I wish you health and happiness, i can wait to see your new watercolor artwork.

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