Children’s book illustration: Story of Anna

“Story of Anna. Chapter 1” Alf Sukatmo. Watercolor on paper. For “Story of Anna” children’s book illustration project.

“Hey, i can be soft too. I am not always dark and gloomy.”
That was my answer to my  friend when she was asking about a sudden colors mood’s change in my illustrations.
In fact, drawing the children’s illustration made my mood stayed happy and soft, and I love doing it.

I think it’s about time for me to show my illustration for a children’s book.
Actually there are 19 illustrations, but i can’t show all of them, yet. I am still waiting for the author’s permission to show the rest of my illustrations i made for her book.

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  1. This is by the same guy who did ‘Perplexing Thought’? Wow! I love them both, by the way—the child-friendly feel in one, and the entangled look in the other. 🙂

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