Dee’s drawing: A Family

"A Family" A drawing by Dee, my four years old daughter.

“A Family” A drawing by Dee, my four years old daughter.

Dee show me what she drew this afternoon.

“This is our family, this is Mbak1, the small one is me, this is you with the big head, Ayah2, and this is Bunda3,” she explained. Pointed one by one the figures that she drew.

When i asked her why my head is big and Bunda is tall, she said that because i never tied my long hair, it made my head looks big (and i’ll take a note on that one). Then she said, “i don’t know how tall Bunda is. I think she was as tall as your friend.”
Dee pointed at Ka. She was behind the steering wheel.

I asked her, “Do you love us?”
She nodded and smiled as an answer.

I said to Dee, “And we, especially i do, love you too,” then i hugged her, and she gave me a big kisses.

You see Na, you have make me the happiest man on earth, you gave me two beautiful angels, and i never said thank you enough. I was a fool.
But you should know this, i love you always, with or without you here.

Surabaya, 24 November 2014

  1. Older sister 
  2. Father 
  3. Mother 

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