Please Do Come In

"Please come in" Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

“Please come in” Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

There was a girl
Who always peeked through my shatter window
So i said;
Come in
No need to peek
So you will know
My imagination are too vast
for you to be questioned
My realities and fantasies
Separate only by a thin line
But if
you want to see more of my dark side
Do come in
I will not ask you twice
When you take my hand
Once and forever
Will be your answer

October, 2014

23 thoughts on “Please Do Come In

  1. what a beautiful, compelling piece. the drawing so compelled me to want to come in… no matter what. your work inspires me so much i often do not have anything to say, but today i think it should be different.
    thank you for all the beauty you share. ~meredith

    • Dear Meredith,
      Thank you very much for your kind words. Your words encourage me to share more of world that i know.


  2. Great pictures here.. how big is the original work and what kind of pencils did you used on this artwork ?

    • Thanks.
      The original size is 20 cm x 30. i used H, 2B, 4B pencils, also Caran d’Arche “Pablo” pencil color, and a little gouache for the wash.

  3. Assalamualaykm mr. Alf
    Gerangan apa kabar?
    Minggu2 saya serasa lebih sepi nih tanpa post sampeyan (sejak yg satu ini)
    Semoga sehat selalu

    • Waalaikumsalam.. Alhamdulillah saya sehat-sehat. Saya sedang ber-hiatus. Merefresh ide. InsyaAllah setelah tanggal 8 November saya mulai posting-posting lagi. πŸ™‚

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