International Day of Peace 2014: The Right of Peoples to Peace

Peace on Earth, hopefully peace will be within my heart too.

That Lazy Crazy Lady Hazy

The International Day of Peace, held every September 21st, is very special to me. I started my current job in August of 2012, at first clueless about peacebuilding and what it entails. I guess I was hired for my technical skills, and not in any way because of either social awareness or passion in the field. (Or perhaps because my own father did have social awareness and passion in the field and the reputation kind-of rubbed off.) Eventually, I did acquire both. Or at least, I hope I did.

That said, I consider my first International Day of Peace Celebration in Aleosan, North Cotabato as my birth into peacebuilding work. I was about one month into the job, but when you’re in this field you will never truly “get it” until you’ve been immersed into the community. And the International Day of Peace, our lovely Cambodian intern, Chariya, and…

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