A Requiem

I feel like i am drowning in this.


2014 Charcoal and pastel on cardboard 16x20 2014
Charcoal and pastel on cardboard

Hi I’m baaack. Has it been one year already since I started this mess?! Where does time go? I’m feeling old…

And to kick thing off, here I present to you one of those “flopped” pieces…

This is another version of a previous work of same name (http://wp.me/s3DlfG-requiem) on a larger scale and more dramatic. I like to take old drawings and reimagine them. Though I feel like there is something missing here, something off. Rather than staring down at it until I find the flaw ill just toss it aside and work on different piece, then when my head is cleared up ill go back to it and scan it again. Though I admit when I’ll go back to it is anyone’s guess; ill probably never will, or ill just start a new one. Sometimes one needs to just let…

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