A Requiem

I feel like i am drowning in this.

the Artist as LISA LEE

2014 Charcoal and pastel on cardboard 16x20 2014
Charcoal and pastel on cardboard

Hi I’m baaack. Has it been one year already since I started this mess?! Where does time go? I’m feeling old…

And to kick thing off, here I present to you one of those “flopped” pieces…

This is another version of a previous work of same name (http://wp.me/s3DlfG-requiem) on a larger scale and more dramatic. I like to take old drawings and reimagine them. Though I feel like there is something missing here, something off. Rather than staring down at it until I find the flaw ill just toss it aside and work on different piece, then when my head is cleared up ill go back to it and scan it again. Though I admit when I’ll go back to it is anyone’s guess; ill probably never will, or ill just start a new one. Sometimes one needs to just let…

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