(UPDATE) WIP: How far is your imagination


How far is your imagination 2

Second update:

I decided to overlapped the left part with a little girl  tried painting (the brush haven’t done yet) half of the picture with white (i need white as background because i want to make soft light gradient layer to create a child like, soft, but whimsical as a child’s imagination. At the left part, i intended to put her imagination, so her imaginations and the storyteller’s can collaborate.

As usual, i listen a lot of song from Incognito this night and here the most interesting song i heard was:


How far is your imagination

WIP: How far is your imagination.

Well, this is what i have been doing for a few days, it’s my personal project. It supposed to be a big secret…, but well, i already told someone (oh, and believe me, she is so special, that i willingly share every thought and idea inside my head)

During this project i was listening TOTO, over and over. Their songs inspired me a lot, because i need bravery, patience, the tenderness, and all the time in this world. I need all of that in my book.


And this is what i was listening a few hours ago.

I will continuously update the work in progress. So, bear with me..

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