Lover’s Duo

Black and white
Shadow and light
Mayor and minor
Separable conditions by colors , tones, and scales
But yet, together they made a beautiful harmony

Willow Snow

Your fingers gently explore, my
Polished black and white exterior
Evoking emotion with every stroke
Seducing you to play further
In a feverish haze, you elicit
Hums of celestial variations
Compelled by my poignant tale
How it vibrates within your soul
Conveying the unspoken with each key
Resonating through the hearts of
Enamored listeners who sit in silence
Together we bring life to this room
Performing a classical duet once more
Passion and artistry in every note
Closing with a ‘E’ minor as your
Expression softens at having to
Part from my ivory keys ’til next time


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