Once In a Night

"Once in a night" by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork.

“Once in a night” by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork.

At night
There was a monster in her room
A dragon, she screamed
I am a lizard, said the beast
Shoo.. shoo, she said
Ssshh.., hissed the beast
And jumped off the bed
The beast was running away
Before her father came


26 thoughts on “Once In a Night

  1. Saran, Oom, gimana kalau judulnya direvisi jd “Once Upon a Night” biar kayak cerita2 dongeng gitu :D.

  2. Duh, saya seneng sekaligus ngiri tiap kali sampeyan post tentang anak…
    (seoertinya) butuh sekian belas tahun bagi saya untuk memberanikan diri punya anak :’

  3. A story beautifully told in a poem and a picture. I would call that a “Paffooney”, but people stopped listening to me long ago. I still think it is an art form, though, that has more depth and meaning than either the poem or the picture would have by itself.

    • Thanks.
      I intended this to introduce my 4 years old daughter to poem the way my grandmother did years ago. I believe that the children learn best through picture, so yes, i agree with what you called “Paffooney”.

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