A Little Bit Of This And That

“Amore” by Alf Sukatmo. Vector artwork. 2014

It felt like a long time, i never touched my computer again since the doctor told me to take a long bed rest. After six months living in a dull and boring life, i think a little colors would be nice.
So, i turned my computer on, started Adobe Illustrator, and started drawing lines. I have a lot of distraction tough, sometimes i turned my head from the computer, and watched Brasil had difficulty to win their game, even they were not in their best performance so far, the boys of yellow jersey still had their luck.
Anyway, being away from digital painting software for a long time made me work like a beginner, it took four hours to finished this.., if i am drawing this for a client, i surely get fired.

…So friends, what do you think of my new digital artwork?



48 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of This And That

  1. Oh, very beautiful, Alf. I like how the colors crescendo to the left while the lady engages the viewer, vying for attention (with her beautiful hair). Music is a nice touch, also. Enjoying it.

  2. I think you haven’t lose your touch. It took longer time for you to finished it, so what? Not all clients hire you for how fast you can finish your work.

  3. It is good storytelling for which the viewer is invited to join in the story and its telling. The drawing and composition are good and if you work hard future drawings will be great.

  4. It looks fine to me : ) Think you are being a bit hard on yourself considering the circumstances and I hope you feel 100% very soon…. I’ve never used Adobe Illustrator.. it’s an expensive piece of software here in the UK.

    • Thanks.
      Well, illustration is competitive business, and also mean. If you’re gone for a while then it can be gone for good.
      It’s expensive software in Indonesia too. I am using the 5.1 version. I can’t afford to buy the latest version.
      So what do you use in UK? Corel draw?

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