Kamar 209, A dance inside my abdomen.


A Dance Inside My Abdomen by Alf Sukatmo. Pencil on paper.

Every nurses in this hospital might be tired asking me to go to sleep. They should confiscate my sketchbook and pencils. Or maybe they should get rid every paper and writing equipment from me.
Well, this is a piece of work i did between the feel of boredom and the need of healing.

Sari Asih Hospital, Sangiang, Tangerang. 25012014

19 thoughts on “Kamar 209, A dance inside my abdomen.

  1. I really like this piece โ€“ beautifully abstract and mysterious, but still well balanced. Hopefully you’ll ‘dance’ your way out of hospital soon.

  2. Hi Alf, is typhoid fever the same as Hep A or sakit kuning? In that case you need to rest. Listen to those nurses’ and doctor’s advice. Work can wait and let your body heals. So we won’t feel guilty of enjoying your beautiful work. Get well soon.

    • No, but i was born with weak liver function. It’s genetic. The fluid in my abdomen is called Ascites, caused by inability of my liver to produced protein that retain the fluid in the bloodstream.
      I guess you are right, though. I should listen to the doctor and the nurse. Doing some doodle is alright, but i think i put to much attention to my work while i should really get some rest.
      Thank you to remind me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your art will help heal you. Take your mind off illness. I do enema for my liver with coffee daily. It flushes toxins. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  4. Get well soon! Keep your art tools, you have talent! Interesting abstract. I like the dancer :O)

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